Declutter your mind


It’s time to bring in the new year and as you may be looking back at the year gone by, there’s so much to overcome and let go.

Letting go isn’t easy, of course.

It may sound like reiteration, festivities are synonymous with declutter, clearing up the old, dilapidated stuff you may have been sitting on for decades. In India, we  probably begin the declutter a month ahead of the festivities, sorting cupboards, clearing up old attics, arranging, reorganising, donating and more.

There’s clothes, furniture, books, accessories and other redundant items that you can’t hold on to anymore, and you shouldn’t, coz only when you clear up the old do you give way to the new. It’s a sort of unburdening and a psychological emancipation attained post the clearance.

But when I speak of declutter here, I’d like to go beyond the physical clutter that’s been probably occupying the attics, garages, storage boxes for years. And you’ve probably partly cleared up the litter a bit and made way for novelties that are here to stay.

The clutter here could be a clutter of negative emotions you’ve been holding on to, relationships you’ve been clutching on to for no reason and people you’ve been trying to keep in touch with. And probably it may be time to let go those negative emotions and declutter your mind too. Eliminate whatever doesn’t help you evolve, unburden and move on to newer pastures. Negativity wouldn’t help you evolve, let go. After all, futility eventually leads to redundancy.

The declutter this festive season should go  beyond the physical one, indulge in meaningful introspection, sort emotions, people and relationships. You’ve been sitting on a gamut of emotions, refusing to part ways with negativity. Discard negative emotions, avarice, hate and make way for positivity. Let festivities be a reason to make way for happiness and positive energy.

Clear up your phone book and eliminate contacts you never communicate with for years, do away with redundant social media connections you (or they)haven’t bother to converse with for the last couple of years, at times, severance is mandatory.

While it may sound belligerent to some, so while you may face contemptuously scornful glees, let those not be a reason for ..
Give way to novelty, believe it or not, it helps.!

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