Go floral this summer!

A zesty floral summer dress, a flowy A-line floral maxi or a perky, fluorescent Hawaiin beach bikini, there’s a floral that fits into every wardrobe. A wardrobe sans florals lacks vibrancy and zest. Florals are an inherently feminine and are a perfect pick for Uber-feminine silhouettes.

And it’s summer again! Been busy pulling out the hats and scarfs while packing the trenches and shrugs.

A perky floral wear from Vero Moda

Much as we glide from spring to summer, temps soar and we yearn to look fresh and minimalistic yet stylish. Florals are indeed one such summer print with Uber fresh vibes. Floral dressing goes down well with most body types and personalities. Warm summer months call for pastels and neutrals.

Florals are in vogue again. However, I would like to believe florals never go out of fashion and are a must have in one’s closet.

Transitional weathers call for florals. Funky floral prints are an instant mood alleviation post winter ❄️ and help ward off the gloom and welcome spring and summer.

Here are some quick notes on what’s trending, and some snippets from the insta fashion queens, that may help while picking florals and pairing them aptly:

Me in a floral A-line Dress from Myntra

Perfect Pastels: watch your palette

Big bold prints juxtaposed on soft pastels are a perfect pick for a sunny Spring Summer day. Pick pastels with contrast floral prints that can be worn in Spring and Autumn. When picking darker shade dresses like maroons, I would say small floral prints do the trick.

An A-line pastel floral dress with larger size prints are more for the petite. For larger bodies, pick one with smaller prints and darker base shades. Darker shades like maroons and black with contrast pastel flowers give an illusion of a visibly slimmer body. Long And flowing floral dresses are an instant hit for those with larger bodies as well.

An A-line dress is a holy-grail, suiting almost any body type. Hence picking an A-line floral dress is a safe bet. Shift dresses are an equally good choice as well.

The flowy autumn look

There is simply no way you can beat the long, flowing floral maxis. Pick darker shades here. Shades like black, bottle green and maroon with small floral prints are a total hit. A-line maxis are again a perfect choice for most body types.

The subtle monochrome florals

If the vibrant hues ain’t your thing, pick monochromatic florals. You may want a more subtle look while picking prints. Pick monochrome floral shift dresses. Subtle, sober and casual for those who prefer toned down dressing and want to avoid loud prints. When picking monochrome florals, both black and white work as perfect base shades. A quick note on tropical prints.Tropical prints are often a bit too loud for each of us to carry. They simply aren’t my thing, I somehow find them loud and difficult to fit anywhere else other than a beach holiday. However, if you still wish to pick one to complete your beach look, go for lighter base shades.

Accessorise florals well.

Subtle footwear and bags

Floral prints are inherently feminine and picking accessories for a floral dress is pivotal to complete the look. Pick neutrals such as beige and off white bags and footwear. These help balance if the prints are loud or large. Neutral, pink and peach lip shades are an instant hit and complete the look. Avoid shades such as plum or maroon with large floral prints.

While florals are often associated with bold, bright shades, dull, offbeat floral prints are equally enchanting. Accessorising them well just instantly completes the look.

Fashion blogger Vaidehi breaks her code and says “Florals are best worn as a statement piece with minimal accessories. Overcrowding it with accessories takes away the whole look of it.

Picking bold and flashy accessories may be a faux pas with a floral print dress. Loud prints need toned down light jewellery and bracelets as the prints are the key here.

When picking footwear, steer clear of prints and polka dots, go in for single tone, preferably neutral shades to help accentuate your dress. Avoid bold shapes and designs. You may pick an all-black accessory look if your dress base is a pastel. However, beige or cream are the perfect colours for picking accessories with summer dresses.

Kitten heels are a great choice when pairing these dresses. I would dare to wear comfortable and sporty shoes while on a holiday where you need to walk miles.

Scarfs, trench and overcoats

Pairing florals with an outerwear can be edgy, especially if the weather is sultry. I would personally avoid a shrug/trench/blazer with a floral dress unless the weather calls for it. A light shrug is always a preference over trenches and coats.

When choosing a scarf, a single tone, preferably a beige for darker dresses, or a maroon/black for the pastel dresses are a perfect choice. Good to avoid louder shades and prints which may simply overpower the dress.

The Boho look

Summer prints can be used to create a trendy boho look as well. Pair your florals with a chunky necklace and tanned boots to create a perfect boho style, A trendy hat is an all time favourite and goes well with a summery floral print and simply adds to your style.

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