Exploring London

Photo Credit: James French

It’s sunny and warm and it’s time to step out and bask in the British sun and explore the city beyond the usual. If this is isn’t your first visit to London, you would have probably queued for the London eye, cruised down the Thames and taken a walk down the Tower Bridge. However, there’s so much more to do in the city and here’s my list of must-dos.

Graffiti Tunnel

Graffiti- a whole new genre of artistic expression, has evolved over time. The graffiti tunnel got a new lease of life under a regeneration project, showcasing incredible graffiti creations. This place is a hidden gem with some marvellous street art and represents, by far, the best of London street art. No fancy ticket fee and no long entry queues, easy access and a haven for art lovers.

How to get here:

This place is easily accessible by tube or bus. If you take a bus, get down at the Waterloo Station stop and if taking a tube, the Waterloo station is the stop to get down at and take the exit.

City Museums

If you’re a Science and/or History enthusiast or plan to travel with kids, the city museums are a complete not-to-miss. Just to add to your zest and enthusiasm, entry to most museums is free. There is a voluntary five pound donation but it’s purely optional.

Museum of London- speaks volumes about the capital’s glorious past and how the city transitioned under the Romans. It would be a good idea to choose a week day, weekends may have too many visitors.

Natural History Museum- This one is worth a day spend, so much to learn, experience and grasp for all ages. I would effortlessly trade a futile window shopping day with a visit to this museum. Located on Cromwell Road, it is easily accessible via tube or bus.

And talking of shopping, I’d like to write a bit about it and help the brand freaks, just in case there’s anyone with a fetish for luxury brands or shopping in general.

Bicester Village

This is a heaven for brand freaks, offering excellent discounts on luxury brands. Bicester Village is an hour and half from London, so make sure you have a good list and ample of stuff to shop for.

Covent Garden & Oxford Street

Among the two, I prefer the former over Oxford St. Covent Garden is a bit smaller and cosier, with quite a few shopping options for regular stuff. The latter has more brands, but of course is more dense and crowded.

I’d like to hear from you on more such places in London you may know of, that I could include in my itinerary when I visit the city next.

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