Maldives: Beach Paradise

The sheer thrill of arriving here can be felt when you spot the blue lagoons and the pearl like islands amidst the turquoise waters prior to landing. The beauty is simply inexplicable. One of the most sought after beach destinations for the Asian sub-continent, this place spells luxury. There’s serenity in abundance here.


Seen above: The arrival deck.

Once you land, there’s a short sea plane or speed boat ride taking you to your island for a luxurious escapade.

Had always longed to be here. Amidst the turquoise ocean, here’s a haven for the Beach bums, a breath-taking luxurious retreat called Maldives. Like a dream? Well yes! You wouldn’t ask for more if you love beaches. Island life with a private beach at your footstep, superb food, service to spoil you and make you long to come back here soon!


Seen above: Water Bungalows:

Sheraton’s property here has some gorgeous water bungalows and beach villas. For more details and reviews, here’s a link to my tripadvisor review:


Explored this place with a four year old and she longs to be back here as well. Be here if you love the beach and just want to relax and unwind with your family.

Sheraton’s pool is just worth a plunge anytime. Music, drinks and food all at your service right there!



Pick an off season to visit as the rates could vary immensely. The prices shoot up post Christmas, so November or early December should be a good time to be here. Weather is almost never a problem in these islands except for the monsoon months. Stock up loads of sunscreen when packing your bags for the trip.

Maldives sun bed

View from the Deluxe Beach Villa

This trip is for:

The beach bums and relaxation souls- Be here if you’re a beach person, You will spent few days amidst water, with limited commute and sightseeing. Relish the fresh sea food while basking in the glory of the Maldivian sun. Look forward to unwind here. If you’re a backpacker always on the lookout for sight-seeing, this probably may not be right choice for you.




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