Dine outs in Bangalore-Bombay Brasserie

Some smoky, melt in your mouth meats you’ve been craving for are right here! The HEAVY NORTH INDIAN delicacies. What’s unusual is that it’s not tangri kebabs or chicken tikkas which make you frequent this place. It’s the Mutton galawatis and Amritsari flavours.


My hunt for some North Indian kebabs and curries was in full swing, until I bumped into the Bombay Brasserie right next door at ‘The Bay’. A place widely known for its impeccable fine dining experience. Home to some well-thought vintage interiors and a faux pool right next to the seating area, the food here just adds to the fun.

The Mutton Galawati kebabs served on mini-nans are simply melt in your mouth and not to be missed. A bit high on the spice meter though, yet these kebabs are a must-order.

Next on was the fish and chips, which helped balance the spice. A basic fried basa served with chips, this one goes down well with both kids and adults.

The mini cheese-chilli nans were super spicy, as the name spells, these are strictly for those who love green chillies way too much.


Love Tea? Well I don’t, but the name ‘Sharbati chai’ on the menu tempted me to try this one. Nothing new about this concoction– it’s just another version of the mundane iced tea. This basic iced tea is for tea lovers only, nothing new here.


The place seems to have a knack for desserts. The desserts for me are a must, no matter how full I feel. This place serves some great fusion afters, and I simply love the way they plate them. The ‘Ras-e-aam ‘ is an indulgent treat – Rasmalai served on a bed of thickened milk topped with a dash of mango pulp (well I notice they simply love sneaking in mango in their desserts) and some nuts. This one is gonna go down well with dessert lovers who love to try fusions.


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