Drool-worthy No-bake Mango cheesecake

Until a few years back, cheesecakes didn’t go down quite well with me, until I developed a taste for them. That’s when I began hunting for varieties of cheese cakes- blueberry, mango, Oreo and the likes.

For someone who’s probably been a sous chef, baking simple vanilla cakes, a cheese cake may sound like an ordeal. My opinion on cheese cakes had been similar  until I heard of the no-bake ones.

So besides the classic cheese cake recipes which may sound like an ordeal for people like me, there are some quick no-bake ones which taste equally delicious or even better an times, thanks to the crumbly cookie crust!

There are quite a few variations of no-bake cheesecakes- Strawberry, mango, blueberry, oreo and more. But it’s May- and it’s been raining mangoes! So we gotta be discussing a mango cheese cake!

Seasonal fruits like mango are a delight in the summer months. Mango is often looked upon as a fruit high on calories with minimal health benefits. True, but mangoes do have few essential benefits  as well which are often overlooked. They are rich in antioxidants which help fight serious ailments. Besides, mangoes help  improve vision as well.

PC: http://www.gffi-fitness.org/

It’s officially summer and Mango-the king of fruits is here. I am all for healthy, vegan, gluten-free, low calorie food and desserts, but you gotta have a cheat meal and binge occasionally, right? Yes, it’s a fruit high on calories, but it’s seasonal and  you wouldn’t have them around after a month. So it’s time to make the most of it before it disappears from grocery shelfs.

Speaking of varieties, Bangalore gets a few of them, but I prefer the Alphonso for all purposes-be it shakes or desserts.  Sinful indulgence in mango based desserts is a necessary evil for the love of mangoes, after all they are here for a couple of months!

I had been looking for quick and easy recipes this summer to limit my kitchen time, it being the holiday season! This applies equally to both meal and desserts. So here’s a quick and easy no bake mango cheese cake recipe. And mind you, no bake cakes surely save a good 45 minute bake time as well.

No-bake mango cheese cake.
All you need is…
*Fleshy mangoes-skinned and chopped
*Cream cheese ( I use Philadelphia when it’s  cream cheese)
*Powdered White Sugar
*Fresh cream (optional)
*A pack of Marie biscuits
*Butter (Amul)
Getting things ready…
*Grind the biscuits along with butter until completely powdered
*Take the mango chunks and mash them coarsly with the back of a fork
*Add sugar to the cream cheese and whisk gently with a fork until the two blend completely
*Whisk the fresh cream with a hand blender until peaks form
Layering ..
Now take a shot glass and layer with the biscuit mix, press down well
Next, add the cream cheese mix and press again
Now add a layer of mashed mangoes
Finally top with the cream and freeze for atleast an hour
Serve cold!!
Just in case you’ve been feeling guilty, you could reduce a few calories here by:
-Skipping sugar in the cream cheese
-Skipping the fresh whipped cream topping


Variations like Oreo in the same recipe are simple as well. Simply replace the Marie in the base with Oreo and the mango toping with Oreo crumbles and that’s it.

Would love to hear other variations from you too!!

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