Best brews and brunch!

When visiting a brewery known for its brews and craft beer, your expectations are clear and you often wouldn’t bother much about the food at times. However, I often prefer a place that serves good food and offers a good mix of cocktails as well.
So we chose a Saturday afternoon for a family lunch at Big Brewsky. It was close to 1pm and we managed to get a table for three, but it would be wise to book a table over the weekends, especially if you plan to visit in the evening
The ambience at Big Brewsky is upbeat and contemporary and catches your eye instantly here. You could choose to low-sit around the small pond (the seating looked slightly uncomfortable to me) or pick a table around on the ground or first floor(more peaceful).


The place brews some exotic beers and offers varieties of beer in a ‘beer tasting’ platter (small portions of six) or the standard beer mugs and pitchers.
Besides, there is an enormous range of exotic mixes (cocktails and mock tails) as well as gins and malts to pick from.


I Picked the Citrus Whisper-an emulsion of citrus juices with a dash of Vodka, perfect for a summer afternoon.
We checked the ala carte menu which is pretty exhaustive with a good mix of Italian, Continental and Indian dishes.
I particularly like their African Suya chicken, high on spices though, yet palatable and perfectly done. Having tried few dishes, we decided to go for the lunch buffet as the spread looked tempting.


There’s a wide range of live barbecue-both veg and non veg. Besides, the there’s Shawarma, Hot dog, sliders as well.
The mains were few- Pasta, Herbed Rice, Mashed potatoes- all well done though. My daughter liked the Pasta pretty much while I relished the herbed rice.


Let’s talk about the best part of my lunch that afternoon- the desserts! The waffles were brilliant! Fresh and yummy with a wide range of toppings to pick from.
The fruit custard and the pineapple upside down(cake) were simply amazing, one of the best I have tasted in recent times. The food spread for the buffet could have been more exhaustive with a bit of Indian dishes as well.


If at all I plan to go in for a buffet again here, the desserts would be the motivation:)

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